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Samantha Tanigawa - Resume

757 Kalanipuu St. 96825 Honolulu, Hawaii


Dr. Shelly Nishimura

Honolulu, Hawaii

Former Teacher, Coach, and Mentor

Caroline Leyva

Honolulu, Hawaii

Head of Q Element


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Community Work

May, 2004-April, 2009

The George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Historian (2006-07) / Vice President of Leadership Development (2008-09)

  • The George B. Carter Serteens Club of Hawaii is a service organisation consisting of gifted and talented youth from Oahu's public and private middle and high schools. This is a student run organisation, headed by an advisory board. Apart from providing hours of service to the community each year, Serteens supplies it's members with leadership training in the form of two camps per year, organised by the Vice President of Leadership Development (VPLD). It is the responsibility of the VPLD to co-ordinate a committee and plan all camp activities. This position has provided me with intensive, on the ground training in large scale activity organisation.


Q Element

Honolulu, Hawaii


  • As a frequent participant in the activities of this organisation, I volunteer with Hawaii's LGBT community. My commitment to this issue, and to the community has lead me to be especially active in demonstrations supporting House Bill 444. This organisation has provided me with networking abilities and an understanding of how activism works in a real world setting, leading me to be the Activism Chair and Publicity Co-Chair elect for the Beloit College Alliance.

June, 2009-

Pride Alliance Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii


  • While I have not worked with this organisation for as long as I would have liked, during the spring of 2009 I began working closely with Hawaii Pride Alliance during the struggle for Civil Unions in Hawaii. I was introduced to this organisation through Q Element, and continue to work with the Hawaii Pride Alliance when I am in Hawaii during school breaks.

Pervious Employment

June, 2009-August, 2009

St. Andrew's Priory Summer Theatre Program

Honolulu, Hawaii

Drama and Music Intern (paid)

  • The St. Andrew's Priory 2009 Summer Theatre Program is the culmination of five years of volunteer work with the department sponsoring the program. All of the organising skills I had acquired were put to the test. This job required me to be able to run a large scale, summer long event. Apart from my appointed positions, I was also in charge of the finances of the summer program, co-ordinating the parents of the children enrolled in the program, and the day to day operations. This job required me to not only to have an advanced knowledge of behinds the scenes, theatre techniques, acting, and music, but how to work with people productively in high tension environments.



St. Andrew's Priory School

Honolulu, Hawaii

High School Diploma


Beloit College

Beloit, Wisconsin

Intending History Major